Why Did Liberty Counsel Launch This Partnership Program?

As a legal ministry, Liberty Counsel depends on the generosity and partnership of friends like you. Our monthly partnership program gives friends like you the opportunity to support the work of Liberty Counsel while enjoying select benefits reserved for our most valued partners.

Why Should Become Partner?

As a partner, you can also enjoy certain benefits such as access to a host of educational resources through New Revolution Institute, reduced costs on services such as fax blasts to Congress and much more. Most importantly, we hope you will become a partner because you know and trust Liberty Counsel as your partner fighting for life, liberty and family. Your monthly partnership will help us fight for you!

How Do Access My Partner Benefits?

Once you are logged in as a partner, simply click on the “Home” menu item from any page to see your partner benefits. From here, you can access your partner benefits!

How Many Times Can Use “Fax Your Congress”?

As often as you like! “Fax Your Congress” will send your message to your two U.S. Senators and your Representative on any subject of your choosing, at any time!

Why Is My Address On The “Fax Your Congress” Form Locked? Can Change It?

”Fax Your Congress” is an exclusive benefit for Liberty Counsel partners. To prevent non-partners from accessing this free service, we grant page access only to logged-in Liberty Counsel partners. The address field is locked to ensure that this service is exclusively for partners. If you need to change your “Fax My Congress” address, simply go to your “My Account” page and change your SHIPPING address.

Is There Limit To The Number Of Times Can Use The Discounted Fax Blasts?

No. Depending on your partnership level, you receive discounts of 25%, 50% or absolutely free on select Liberty Counsel fax programs. This can total hundreds of dollars of savings in a year.

What Is New Revolution Institute?

New Revolution Institute is Liberty Counsel’s own, citizen-equipping online school, and one of the most powerful benefits of your Liberty Counsel partnership. NRI is launching with “Reclaiming True Liberty In The USA” — a primer on the true roots of patriotic citizenship. In the coming months, NRI will roll out additional modules to help enhance your role as a Christian citizen.

What Are The Book Resources And The Patriot’s Handbooks?

All Liberty Counsel Partners will receive select Liberty Counsel book resources when published. In addition, Advocate partners will receive the Patriot’s Handbook Collection — Liberty Counsel’s best-selling patriot resources in a handy and attractive collection. Our Champions will receive all the above plus Mat Staver’s quarterly trade book selection.

Can Access My Partner Benefits On Mobile Or Tablet?

Yes! Your Liberty Counsel Partners site is dynamic and fully functional on mobile or tablet. The “one click” options will make it easy and convenient for you to access your benefits on mobile devices.

How Do Change My Address, Reset Password, Etc.?

Your Partnership comes with a very sophisticated “My Account” page that gives you all the tools you need to quickly modify just about everything about your account.

Can Cancel My Partnership?

You can cancel your partnership at any time by visiting your “My Account” page. Liberty Counsel’s partnership program puts you in control of your partnership at all times.

How Can Contact Customer Support?

First, most of your customer support issues can be addressed on your “My Account” page, which puts you in control of your partnership experience. If you still need help, you can email partners@lc.org or call 407-875-2100.